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1/48 DO-335 A-0, (Monogram)

July 29, 2016 in Aviation

This is the 1974 issue Monogram DO-335, rescribed, with Ultracast exhaust, and photoetch belts. Lots of scratchbuilding on the gear, cockpit and closing the engine panels.Paint is Tamiya acrylics and decals are Cutting Edge.

Hope you like,

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9 responses to 1/48 DO-335 A-0, (Monogram)

  1. Colin, impressive work in the cockpit! Nice build, I always liked this kit. Wonder if it’ll be back?

  2. Excellent job, sir….still love those [old] Monograms – that cockpit looks beautiful – nice build.

  3. I think it’s out right now from Revell Germany (kit # 4686)

  4. I keep forgetting Revell of Germany also re-releases the Monogram output.
    Is the nightfighter option still in the kit? I just remembered that. Still avoiding senility, it seems.

  5. Great build – love the detail you put into it, and a nice subtle paint/weathering job.

  6. Nice job Colin, really liked the work you did on the cockpit.

  7. Colin, first word that came to my mind “Tamiya”. Some strong work with the balancing of colors and the photography shows the model at it best. A real treat to see the classic done up right.
    Two thumbs up.

  8. That cockpit detailing is really good, as is the overall finish of the model, you’ve made the best of this classic kit.

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