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July 27, 2016 in Aviation

I’ve just finished building this as a mojo-mender as with a few long term projects on the go, I’d become bogged down and in need of something that went together without problems – this 1/32nd scale twin-stick MiG-29UB proved to be just the medicine. I picked this up at Telford for £25 which proved to be very good value for money.

It’s quite simple kit but in truth that’s why I chose it – the cockpit lacks detail and the undercarriage bays are very basic, but the overall fit and construction is excellent and I encountered no construction issues at all.

I used the decals from the box, which represent a MiG-29UB of 120 IAP based at Domna, Siberia, in the summer of 2003. Revell’s colour guidance could only be interpreted by someone with a masters degree in colour mixing, so instead I just used pictures on the net for guidance, using mainly US equivalents from Xtracolour to get a close-enough match to the real thing. Other than that, it’s as it comes in the box.

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8 responses to BiG MiG

  1. A fine job Tom.
    A nice “little mojo builder”

  2. Fine work on a nice, clean OOB build!

  3. Good-lookin’ build, Tom….turned out quite nice for a “basic” kit. I like it.

  4. There’s something about a Revell kit – before read the article I thought I had it from ‘the look’ – clean, uncomplicated, accurate.

    Love a nicely turned-out MiG – nice work.

  5. Quite a big mojo builder I’d have thought, nevertheless, it obviously did the job, very impressive.

  6. awesome mig…………

  7. Nice Mig. We all need a nice relaxing build now and again!

  8. Many thanks for the kind words, folks.

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