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Cessna Citation I, Revell 1/48

July 4, 2016 in Aviation

Just finished, quick build, out of box, prescribed panel lines, sorry for bad photos

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9 responses to Cessna Citation I, Revell 1/48

  1. Nicely done Zoran…….don’t get to see many executive jets. I don’t know why more are not done as model kits.

  2. I agree with Jack’s assessment…and the photos are just fine. I like it. 🙂

  3. Models great , I agree the photos are fine too.

  4. Zoran, flawless finish. One that you don’t see that often, in a category that is underrepresented. Well done!

  5. “DOBAR”
    Nice build and paint Zoran.

  6. Nice clean build – looks very good!

  7. I think you’ve captured the look of the prototype very well.

  8. Nice to see something different Zoran. An excellent build & nothing wrong with the photos either!

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