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Fujimi Skyraider AD–6

July 7, 2016 in Aviation

This is the old 1/7? scale Fujimi kit. Originally I finished it off as a bird from VA-35 off the USS Saratoga in the late fifties, but it fell off the shelf, tail cracking, destroying the decal,[ hazard of building old brittle kits]. Repaired the tail and added superscale decals of a VA-196 at NAS Alameda in 1957. At the very least it’s colourful. Enjoy

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6 responses to Fujimi Skyraider AD–6

  1. Never built this scale (actually, don’t recall ever building a Fujimi kit of ANY scale)…but I DO love Skyraiders.

  2. Nice to see one built, Fujimi was really something, once upon a time. It would be nice if they brought back their A-7s A-4s, A-6s.
    I have a couple gaps in my A-4 collection.
    Their A-1 was earlier.

  3. Robert…nice job on rescuing that Fujimi Skyraider after its accident. It looks good in its new markings.

  4. Nice clean-looking Skyraider. I’ve got one on the bench, destined to wear some Korean War decals. Need to do a tad of backdating…

  5. Great work, Robert! I’ve always loved the shooting star markings of Air Task Group One.

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