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New Heinkel

July 5, 2016 in Aviation

Here are a few photos of my latest build, the new 1:72 Airfix He111H which I have built for Airfix Model World Magazine and is featured in the new August issue which is out now. This is a pretty good kit as you’d expect from a modern Airfix kit. The engines are new to this kit as are a range of external stores. Hope you enjoy the photos!

2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to New Heinkel

  1. Excellent work, Alan…easy to see why your builds are published professionally.

  2. Alan, I must have missed this one. I remember the real old H-20, with the VDL turret and the BIG bombs. This really looks great. Those yellow markings really set the old bird off. Staffel or experimental?
    Boy, Airfix just goes from success to success with its new releases, in both scales.

    • Hi Bernard thanks for the comments, glad you liked it. This was built from the P kit with a test shot of the new sprue as the kit isn’t actually out yet. The markings are from KG26 on anti-convoy raids in the Med.

  3. Airfix keeps stepping up. I need to get cracking and pick up a few of the new generation of kits released by them the last few years.

  4. Very nicely finished, Alan. I diid the old Hasagawa kit a few years ago, reboxed by Revell. This looks an equal standard.

  5. This is nice build and paint i like !!!

  6. Great looking 111! Never seen the yellow on the upper canopy trim like that – really makes it pop. Nice clean build.

  7. Very nice work (again)/ Airfix have really stepped up with the new kits.

  8. Nice and clean build, great job!

  9. Alan, Always like a nice 111, one of those aircraft that really captures the image of an era. Nice build on this.

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