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Sukhoi Su-30 MKK

July 8, 2016 in Aviation

This is Trumpeter’s 1/32 Flanker G.

Additional work included scratch-detailing in wheel wells and cockpit, and PE from the Eduard Big Ed set for the Sukhoi and North Star’s wheel chocks for modern Soviet aircraft.

I used Prime Miniatures’ mini hex nuts (various sizes) for additional undercarriage detailing.

Paints used were from Mr Hobby, Alclad II, and AK Enamel Washes and Metallics.

I’ve included a few WiP photos of some of the detailing, as it became somewhat inaccessible to view as the build progressed.

I’ve also added a final photo of the model in a cradle for storage/transport – just a box lid and a few pieces of styrofoam fixed in place at crucial points with mastic – not pretty, but it works!

30 additional images. Click to enlarge

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28 responses to Sukhoi Su-30 MKK

  1. Outstanding, Rob….a killer cockpit build….love the job on those cans, too.

  2. Rob, another fine piece of workmanship. Really nice build.

  3. Nicely done Rob. Your attention to detail with the cockpit and landing gear is outstanding as is the total build. A fine model indeed and a job well done.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jim. It’s the first time I’ve used the mini hex nuts and they really create a ‘value added’ aspect to the undercarriage.

      By the way, the lead wire in various gauges for detailing the undercarriage I got from a fishing tackle retailer, which was dramatically cheaper than lead wire ‘for modelling’.

  4. Nice work as usual Rob.

  5. Great build Rob, superb office and other details mate.
    It is surprising where you can find detailing materials cheaper .

  6. Excellent! Love your metal work, and detailing. At 32 scale that has to be a big bird!

  7. Killer Flanker, love the ejection seats.

  8. Really splendid build, Rob. A labor of love.

  9. Great job, I like very much the detail on the landing gear.


    • Thanks, Roberto. The kit has both metal and plastic choices for the main gear. Naturally I chose the metal because of the model’s not inconsiderable weight. The nose wheel shaft’s ‘bow’ effect at the front has a metal pin inserted from below lengthwise to add strength.

  10. Absolutely amazing!!! This is a stunner Rob. Hope to see this in the Model of the month group!!!

  11. Nice flanker mate, I’m running out of room to build something that big!
    Nice detailing, especially on the landing gears and cockpit. Nice exhaust nozzles as well!
    I’ve been using guitar strings for detailing! Much cheaper!

    • Thanks, Richard. I’ve used the wound-type of guitar strings for areas along the cockpit floor at times, but there’s too much spring in them to use for undercarriage detailing generally, which areas I tend to reserve for lead wire or strip solder.

      • Yeah I suppose your right there, but they make great radio aerials! I’ve just tried to put nylon strings on one of my acoustics but it lacked any volume, so I’ve got those to play with as well.
        What product did you buy exactly from the tackle shop?, I’ve never seen any lead wiring for sale before. I hear fly tying thread makes fantastic ship rigging mind!

        • It was from EBay seller ‘axman2009’ under trout fishing lead line for tying flies .5 and .7 gauge for about three quid + a little p/p. He in fact sent some extra lengths. He’s in Northern Ireland.

          I too have guitar string to hand for armour whip aerials – all useful items.

          Nylon fly tying line is also good for ship rigging as you say. I have some that I used on USS Indianapolis the thickness of a human hair – difficult to deal with but effective.

  12. These big Trumpeter kits are impressive enough, but you’ve really gone to town with this one, an incredible amount of work has been put into this, good job, Rob, thanks for sharing with us.

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