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T-38C Talon in 1/48 Scale by Trumpeter

July 10, 2016 in Aviation

I built this one just because I could. Totally out of the box, with paint by Testors Model Master enamels, washes by AK Interactives, and decals from the box that fought me tooth and nail. Even the photo-etch seatbelts were less trouble than those darn stickers. Cockpit is all relief detail, with decals for colours. Those ones worked amazingly well. The surface detail was so fine, that by the time I got to the panel line wash stage, there was darn near nothing for the wash to run into. Anyway, Iā€™m done, I like it, and it will look good from 3 feet or so, sitting on a shelf.

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9 responses to T-38C Talon in 1/48 Scale by Trumpeter

  1. Nice Talon. the cockpit came out great.

  2. Looks good to ME, George…I like the paint scheme, too.

  3. It looks fine from where I’m sitting, too!

  4. Panel lines or not, it’s a great-looking T-28!

  5. Nice work. I’m going to use aftermarket decals on mine.

  6. It sounds like it was a frustrating build, but your results are excellent. it looks great, and you make me want to build one of these!


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