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Aussie Eight

August 8, 2016 in Aviation

When I saw the Eduard Spitfire Mk. IX my friend Dennis Meyers was in the process of making some months ago (which you can find here on iModeler), I knew I had to pull my Mk. VIII off the shelf and get started. Here is the result: the Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk. VIII. The kit was a gem. I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed building.

I retouched the last 3 photos taking out some of the blue tint.

24 additional images. Click to enlarge

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17 responses to Aussie Eight

  1. Appears to have turned out well, sir….typical of Eduard’s offerings of late.

  2. Looks good. Maybe re-do the photos, without the blue tinge, so we den see it clearer. Looks like a great build though. Nice one. 🙂

    • Thanks Paul. I retouched three of them and added those to the end of the photos. Having a color deficiency, I didn’t think they were that blue. After hearing from a few people apparently I was wrong, lol.

  3. No matter how you paint and mark it, the Spitfire just looks great in and of itself! Beautiful job on her. I don’t see too many Australian aircraft hereabouts, thanks for doing it and showing it.

  4. Actually, I do, on this site! Allan Withers has been showing the flag, certainly. One of the great things about this place, literally folks from all over the world showing their aircraft, markings, and history. Places I’ll probably never visit, likely. It’s a pleasure to be here amongst all this talent.

  5. Great job! The weathering is fantastic. Looks like this bird’s been around the block a few times.

  6. Nice! Looks cool with the shark mouth.

    • Thanks Robert. Those twin eyes above the mouth threw me at first. I thought it was a misprint in the directions until I saw actual photos that showed two eyes on both sides.

  7. Very graceful but still purposeful.

  8. Beautiful work Scott! I’m currently working on Eduard’s Mk VIII, and it’s a great kit! You’ve certainly done it justice!

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