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Fly 1/32 Hawker Hurricane IIc

August 12, 2016 in Aviation

No particular story to go with this one. Xtradecals 1/32 Hurricane Part 1 sheet used to do an airplane of 213 “Hornet” Squadron in the Western Desert, spring 1942, mostly chosen because I liked the hornet insignia on the fuselage roundel.

The Fly Hurricane IIc series of kits (“regular” Hurri IIc, tropical fighter-bomber and Sea Hurricane) are very nice limited-run kits with the best surface detail of any Hurricane kit by anyone in any scale. Petite raised rivets on the wings as it should be, countersunk detail where right, no “hills and valley” in the fabric areas. Take care in assembly and pre-fit, and you won’t use much seam filler and won’t lose that beautiful surface detail. The cockpit is a bit fiddly in construction but looks right when done. The only poor fit was the Vokes tropical filter, which required some re-shaping to fit and then quite a bit of Mr. Surfacer 500 to fill the seam.

A more complete review over at Modeling Madness.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge

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3 responses to Fly 1/32 Hawker Hurricane IIc

  1. Another brilliant job Tom.

  2. HURRICANE!!!!!

    Nice build i LIKE!

  3. very nice…love those tropical schemes

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