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Luftwaffe F-4F (1/144 Academy, Phantom II Group Build)

August 13, 2016 in Aviation

Maybe the smallest Phantom in this group build and on my display shelf also. I don’t have much to say about this model, especially after more than a month after finishing it. But it was fun to build something in a such unusual (for me) scale.

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12 responses to Luftwaffe F-4F (1/144 Academy, Phantom II Group Build)

  1. Nice work. I like the camouflage scheme.

  2. Nice little build….I like it.

  3. I agree, very nice paint work. The scale itself must present its own challenges I’d guess

  4. Nicely done Dmitry, interesting camo’.

  5. Beautiful job. I’d go blind doing that scale. Is that a Mig on the Zippo?

  6. Hi Dmitry,
    No storage problems with this Phantom..
    Considering the scale, excellent and clean job.

  7. Thank you friends for your comments!

  8. Very nice! I’ve never done a 1/144. The day after I finished my build, I bought a Hasegawa Luftwaffe F-4F (didn’t have an F in my collection yet…) at the contest for 5 bucks! When I get around to it the scheme will be identical. I really like this scheme – Luftwaffe just has some attractive paint jobs!

  9. A sweet little “Rhino” Dmitry .
    Looks great.

  10. Great camo scheme. That’s a great build, especially for it’s size.

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