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Not Gampas old 53 ford

August 29, 2016 in Automotive

Finally finished this one.. it took me about 3 months only because I don’t get much hobby time. Between Dodger games and my wife’s crafting trips I have to squeese model building in no the rare free weekend. I painted it with one of the small testers metallic red bottles of paint thinned with lacquer thinner then clear coated with Tamiya glosscote.. the interior is a Light Beige with red accents matching the body color this is a great kit its very detailed and has lots of parts.. the engine is a stock Flathead Ford really no big deal so I figured I just keep it a curbside kit.. Hope you guys like it thanks

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6 responses to Not Gampas old 53 ford

  1. Turned out pretty well, Tony… first car was a ’53 Ford convertible (didn’t look this good, though),

  2. Love the classics, and looks like you detailed her out pretty nicely!

  3. A real beauty Tony, is that a column shift in there ?

  4. Nice, the color is great.

  5. It’s a real beauty, Tony, let’s see more!

  6. Nice Tony, nothing like a two door hardtop , especially a red one with 4 on the floor.

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