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Stearman PT-17

August 7, 2016 in Aviation

Here’s my just finished Stearman PT-17, a 1/48 scale Revell kit I built ‘out of the box’. It is the smallest model I’ve built. the kit goes together real well, maybe it should be part of Revell’s “Pro-Modeller’ series. Maybe if they just added a PE sprue of details it could be, but it seems pretty detailed anyway. I used rattle cans of Testors blue and yellow, and painted the tail instead of trying to do the decals for the dark blue/red/white part as they just seemed too big and where things like that meet the edges there always seems to be more decal that surface. The rigging is not included in the kit but dimensions for it are. Although those dimensions all seemed a bi large, they did provide a good reference and starting point. I used plastic whiskers from a small hand held whisk broom for the rigging lines.

thanks for looking –

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10 responses to Stearman PT-17

  1. Ralph, beautiful build! Revell has put out a second version as a civilian stunt airplane, with a cowling. I’d never have thought of rigging with what you did.
    I once rigged a Curtiss Jenny with my Mothers black Clarks sewing thread. It was too thick, and after awhile started to unravel. I doubt I could do it, nowadays, but I was proud of it. My friends, except the ones who were similarly afflicted, shook their heads.
    Great kit, much improvement over the old Lindberg, which was one of the first kits (and injected plastic kits in the US) in their catalogue.

  2. that is a beauty ralph

  3. Ah, the iconic blue/yellow scheme….nice job, Ralph. I like it.

  4. Nice job Ralph. Use to be a guy out of Waynesville, Ohio, that did stunts with this A/C painted in the same markings. All at low level and enough of them to made your heart stop for a second as you thought he was going to crash. Glad to hear it’s a decent kit as I have one in the stash. Good work on this one.

  5. Ralph, a gorgeous classic, well done. Their is one that fly’s over my house on occasion painted in this same scheme !

  6. Looks great, Ralph, I really like the colour scheme and the photographs show it off beautifully. I, too, use plastic whiskers from the kitchen broom for aerials/antennae of my competition cars.

  7. Hello Ralph,
    Job well done. Beautiful color scheme.
    I had the pleasure to make a flight in it, from Kissimmee field in Florida.
    Returned earlier than planned because of oil leaks, that even reached the front windscreen, being my seating place.
    Thanks for sharing.

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