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Doyusha 1/100 Boeing 727-200 National Airlines

September 10, 2016 in Aviation

The Doyusha/Entex B727 kit is an old one and fairly accurate other than the nose and the engines. It’s hard to find a good B727 kit in any scale; this i think is the closest however this one got a new nose and reshaped engines. The nose section is completely new and cast in resin.from a B737 which had a much better profile than the Doyusha kit. Other than that all pretty straight forward.

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6 responses to Doyusha 1/100 Boeing 727-200 National Airlines

  1. Very nice, sir….you made that stand yourself I assume (equally as nice I may add).

  2. Very nice representation of an airplane near and dear to my heart. An old friend of mine worked for National before going to Pan Am and then to Continental Airlines, where he worked with me on the 727 fleet desk. We called them “bombers” at Continental for some reason, though to this day I’ve never found out why.

  3. Alistair, beautifully done model and stand. I haven’t seen many Doyusha kits.

  4. Lovely build. National airlines had the Fly Me! commercials

  5. Nice clean build, and lovely stand as well. Well done!

  6. Very clean finish, looks like an airliner should look.

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