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F-80C Shooting Star (Hobby Boss, Eduard, 1:48)

September 3, 2016 in Aviation

Dear imodeller-community,
here is one of my recently builded NFMs…its the first time that I have used the new xtreme-metal colours from AMK. It worked very well, and I am happy with the result. Unfortunately due to wrong decal-instructions from Hobby Boss I have set the “no step” decals not correct
The kit itself was easy to build with no further difficulties, only the landing gear was a little tricky for me. I have also put some weight into the front to avoid a tailsitter. The PE-Interior-Set from Eduard comes in the proven quality as all products from them. Hope you like it,
Cheers, Christian

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10 responses to F-80C Shooting Star (Hobby Boss, Eduard, 1:48)

  1. Lovely job, Christian. I’ve also recently used the AMK metallics recently and found that they work really well; they spray beautifully.

  2. Another beauty, Christian. Very convincing appearance.

  3. Beautifully finished, sir…you’ve done an outstanding job there.

  4. Despite the fact that this kit was designed by Hobby Bupkis’s farm team, you have managed to make me ignore how much I dislike the “canvas” with your result. We still need a good F-80 kit.

  5. I really like the smooth painting of this model; restrained, sophisticated + great decaling. I have not seen a ShootingStar in real life, but this model might be even better that the real thing ™. (Your fantastic Mig21 Bis reference bird I have been patted in real life and your model is 1:1 to real stuff).

  6. Thank you very much my friends for your kind comments! So many attention on this low budget kit, you really make me happy!
    Happy Modelling, Christian

  7. It’s ok, I hope nobody will be stepping on it anyway! Cool build.

  8. Very convincing finish, beautifully done.

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