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Grigorovich M-20

September 5, 2016 in Aviation

Because I created a set Grigorovich M-5, which was written here, it’s time to make a model of Grigorovich M-20.
Essentially boat M 20 – M is a modification of the boat-5, but with the engine Le Rhone. The rest of the visual differences on the little things: the shape and location of the oil tank is mounted under-wing floats, no braces couples.
Painting my model has no historical prototype, and is a collective image of M-20 on skis from the 2nd reconnaissance detachment in Arkhangelsk, markings made by a photo of the M-20 “Russian Paints Aviation Volume 3”.
The engine used in resin production SmallStuff

15 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to Grigorovich M-20

  1. Egad….that rigging and those accompanying turnbuckles must have accounted for at least 90% of your man-hours in this project. It certainly is a stunner, though….regardless of what scale it is. My hat’s off to you, sir.

  2. Ah, well, gee, WOW!
    California Steve

  3. …. I am speechless and flabbergasted. Meticulous workmanship and detailing. All materials & details – delicious. I think you have created a quality standard beyond Museum Quality => Pavel Quality!
    You have to tell us mere mortals some basic rigging tips? Do I need prescription drugs to loose my nerves & keep my sanity?
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful works.

  4. Great job Pavel,you certainly didn’t drink a lot of coffee when doing the rigging did you? Great work.

  5. Amazing – simply amazing…loss for words! And – a boat on skis! Who woulda ever seen that coming!

  6. I can only bow in the presence of excellence!

  7. Pavel, another amazing build. Great work.

  8. 1/72 eh? Why don’t you try something difficult next time…? 😜

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