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Hobby Boss FJ-4B

September 3, 2016 in Aviation

I just finished this VU-7 Fury. I have always loved this scheme, but had never tried it until I picked up the Aeromaster decals and the Hobby Boss kit. A little bit of work, but the kit was easy compared to the planning and masking for the paint. All Model Master enamels. Comments welcome!

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11 responses to Hobby Boss FJ-4B

  1. I, too, really like that particular paint scheme, Jeff….you did a bang-up job accomplishing it, too. Nice build, sir.

  2. Hello Jeff…Nice build on that Fury from VU-7. She looks great in those colorful markings. No doubt some work to mask and paint but the results were well worth the effort.

  3. Nice unusual scheme, and finished work.

  4. Great result. I remember the old USS Rustbucket once getting to work with VU-7 Furies and missing them worse than the B-26s.

  5. Always nice to see a little different paint scheme. Well done Jeff.

  6. Nicely done – always love an unusual scheme, and an unusual subject to boot!

  7. Graet work on your Fury, Jeff! I’m a big fan of the drone controller/utility scheme used by the Navy, and yours looks terrific.

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