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MiG-23 MF Flogger (Polish Service)

September 10, 2016 in Aviation

Hello Imodelers,
glad to present you my latest build, just finished last weekend. Its an MiG-23 MF in Polish Service. The kit was really nice to build and has many details out of box. Paintjob was done “freehand” with my Harder and Steenbeck Evolution Airbrush. Hope you like it!

10 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to MiG-23 MF Flogger (Polish Service)

  1. Arguably one of the most popular MiGs for modelling, and a real workhorse in service around the world.

    A very nice presentation, Christian.

  2. Another spectacular build and set of photos, sir….excellent work.

  3. Man, what a mean looking beast!
    Well built and a great paintjob.
    Hat off.

  4. Christian, you’re making me want to go buy one! Really nice MIG!

  5. Cool looking bird. Heavy plane with perfect painting and neat finishing. Interesting and releaving photo angles. Fine sample.

  6. Thank you all my friends for your motivating and kind words – much appreciated!

  7. Great as always! Lovely finish, and I really like that Polish scheme. I think I have a 2nd MiG-23 in the stash, and I may go with a similar scheme.

  8. That looks awesome mate! Nice job on the camo.

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