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A -6 Intruder

October 6, 2016 in Aviation

This is my last jet aircraft build I amgoingto make. It seems that I have better luck with WWII aircraft


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10 responses to A -6 Intruder

  1. What a great model Tom! Well done! I’ve always wanted to have a crack at an A6. What kit did you use Tom?

  2. As long as you enjoyed the build, looks good.

  3. Tom, it looks good to me. Nice bombload, hate to be under it, when it arrives. It is a big airplane!

  4. Hey, don’t do yourself down, this looks just fine.

  5. Gents thanks for the encouragement

    Marc it was a long build I started and stopped When i wasn’t satisified


  6. Don’t give up building jets (or anything else)….they say ya get better with time (although it hasn’t seemed to help ME). 🙁

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