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Consolidated PBY 5 Catalina, A24-17, 11 Sqn RAAF Cairns Qld 1943.

October 12, 2016 in Aviation

1/72 Academy, my first Catalina, not counting the the Airfix kit built many years ago, I modified a few things and added some antennae, finished in Humbrol and MM enamels with Future and MM FS30000 acrylic over ES decals.

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28 responses to Consolidated PBY 5 Catalina, A24-17, 11 Sqn RAAF Cairns Qld 1943.

  1. Now, THERE’S a “horse of a different color’….I like that!

  2. Very nice. 🙂 Should do one too.

  3. Beautiful build, the paint job is excellent.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice paint job Allan, it really stands out as different for this aircraft.
    All your extra detail work really shows, good work.

  5. Very nice, Allan. I built one of these in 1/48 (different scheme) – it was huge!

  6. I’m with Craig on this one, I like it, Well done !

  7. Like it! The scheme is nice on this too – different, like Jaime’s Phillipines Catalina

  8. Really outstanding what was that you used to mask?

  9. Great work for an unusual subject, compliments.

  10. Allan, are those Australian colors or British? Look Brit to me, but I’ve been wrong before. Too much Alan Huntley, probably.

  11. I like that scheme Alan, great work!

  12. The paint job the panel lines and detail is great


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