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October 5, 2016 in Aviation

Yes the navy will put floats on anything that flies. Both the floats and F-4 are from older builds, we couldn’t do a what if for the group so….A little ha ha.

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6 responses to F-4SP

  1. Bob, shades of the Convair Seadart! Only gigger and faster! I like the concept!

  2. Terrific “what if” project!

  3. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Interesting concept Robert, one can only imagine the effect on the water surface those engines will cause. That would be a show all of itself.

  4. I love it…’ve undoubtedly heard the old adage that goes “even a brick will fly if you hang a big enough engine on it” (or words to that effect). I believe this thing would SINK just like that proverbial brick. lol 🙁

  5. Well..never thought I’d see the day…


  6. 🙂 – I would like to see the pilot who can land (or dip) this thing. Nothing is sacred anymore … crazy & fun. LOL -stuff.

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