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F4U-1D Corsair VMF-214 USS Franklin (CV-13) F3b 45

October 14, 2016 in Aviation

Another one of thise fantastic Tamiya Corsair . Painted with Tamiya paints ; Enjoy 🙂

Cheers Brian

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13 responses to F4U-1D Corsair VMF-214 USS Franklin (CV-13) F3b 45

  1. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Before I make any comment, I want to thank you for the fact that this is one model aircraft with a figure. That for me is so good in many ways and a good reference for the viewer to visualize the size of the plane, thank you Brian.
    The model looks fine in every a

  2. Excellent work, great job on the panel shading.

  3. Love those Tamiya Corsairs….I’ve done several myself and they ARE a joy to build, aren’t they?

  4. Brian, it’s beautiful, and the figure is really fantastic. Is it built straight from the box, or, are there any aftermarket goodies added?

  5. Nice looking Corsair! Hard to go wrong with a Tamiya kit, and you finished it off nicely.

  6. Great job Brian! Agree, the figure really adds atmosphere.

    What’s with Corsair’s at the moment – everyone seems to be building them!! Not that that’s a bad thing!

  7. Outstanding work, Brian! The fit and finish are superb.

  8. Outstanding model of an outstanding aircraft!

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