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Film of EDO floats on C-47 1942 from factory

October 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

This might be of interest to all. I found this on you tube while researching my water wings build. The film was made by the grandfather of the person who posted it on you tube,Robert W Martens, although my father did retire from the company and I myself worked for it from 1979-1990.

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9 responses to Film of EDO floats on C-47 1942 from factory

  1. That was fantastic footage. Thank you for posting.
    You must be very proud of your Grandfather.
    California Steve

  2. Sorry for misleading anyone, he wasn’t my grandfather but of the man who posted it on you tube.

  3. Sheesh….that thing must have taken a mile and a half to get off the water on take off.

  4. Indeed interesting footage, thanks for sharing.
    This would be a great subject for modelling.

  5. Yep – fine project indeed! Anyone got a good idea of where to steal some floats that would come close to matching those under the C-47? I’ve got a Skytrain in the stash…

  6. I think there was a resin conversion kit available in 1/72 awhile back.

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