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ICM Ju88

October 30, 2016 in Aviation

Well, its been a while since I posted so here is my latest, this is ICM’s Ju88 A-5 in 1:48 built using the new AIMS correction set which provides a corrected cockpit interior and radiator fronts. It also uses AIMS new decals ‘Ju 88 Early Birds Part II’ designed for this kit. This will be featured in Model Airplane International in the next few months. This could have been a great kit but the errors in it really are bad, while you could get away with the cockpit if you wished, the canopy is very clear so you could see the problems with the interior. The radiators however are not so easily ignored…. Hope you enjoy the photos!

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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14 responses to ICM Ju88

  1. Nicely done, Allan….good work!

  2. Fantastic plane Alan !!!!

    The Ju-88 is one of my favorite Luftwaffe twins.

  3. She looks good from here! Great job on the various panel shading effort.

  4. Brilliant 88 ! Especially the busy looking single tone camo and the decent weathering caught my eye.
    Is this an A-5 bomber or a D-2 recon aircraft ?

  5. Great one! They say that the ICM builds better than the Dragon 88 family. I have an A4 from Dragon and thought that replace it with the ICM but after Your comments I think I give it a go. Beautiful build – the engine is an especially nice touch!

  6. Nice work, Allan. The shading looks great.

  7. Well done Allan, I have to repeat Robs comment “the shading looks great”. You’ve managed to turn an otherwise blah paint scheme into something very interesting.

  8. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice work Alan, the weathering is very well done as well as the shading.
    The model looks interesting … no matter at what angle it is seen, well done.

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