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Lighten up

October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

There was another photo that I now can’t locate, an air-to-air photo of three Eurofighters, with the caption, “The Royal Air Force – like the Army, but for smart people.”

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7 responses to Lighten up

  1. Rob. Outstanding!
    “Mad as a sack full of badgers”! I’m using that one! Being a Yank, might I figger a J/T is a junior technician? Badgers! Madre de Dios!
    I was a soul destroying Sergeant, once upon a time, in President Nixons Corps of Signals.(I tell folks I used to work for Nixon,(trained killer, no less) and they back away) Back in the Ooooold Army, with them black boots and brass you had to shine, and patches and badges you had to sew on. Young whippersnappers! Geeze, cackle.
    If someone can ‘splain Navy rates and Air Force EM rank, I’ll be edified.

  2. Funny stuff, Rob….like you, I had a pic come to mind when I saw your post, but was unable to find it. Not that it would’ve done any good – one cannot post photos in this reply section (something I’ve been asking Martin about in the past).

  3. Really good Rob, I haven’t laughed till I cried in a long time, brought back good memories when I was in the service, good one.

  4. Service rivalry, a universal concept. A great laugh.

  5. Good stuff Rob, can’t beat the humor from the ranks within !

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