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1/72 Revell UH-1D “SAR”

November 6, 2016 in Aviation

Here comes a build from 2015.
First of all, sorry fro the poor lighting issue with the pics.
Not much to say, but to be honest, the only good things with this particular kit were the box art and the decals.
Never have I seen such poor molding from Revell!!:(
I did my best during painting, in order to make the kit look like a quality one.
From a distance it is OK, but once you come closer, the poor quality is unfortunately visible;)

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15 responses to 1/72 Revell UH-1D “SAR”

  1. Amazing little Heli ! The photos look good from my side of the web !

  2. I agree with Bernd….it looks pretty good from here, too. There’s a saying I use when I’m in your situation and not happy with the results:
    I tell ’em “…it’s good from far but far from good…” 🙂

  3. Looks good to me! Maybe it’s an older mold, and the molds are tired. Sometimes Revell boxes other companies kits, too. I’m curious about this one, I know Fujimi, and Hasegawa both had Hueys, but I can’t think who else.

  4. Nice Huey. I had one fly over our house the other day. You can tell them apart from any other helicopter by their distinctive sound. I told the misses what it was before I saw it.

  5. Hello Emre,
    To me it looks very wel constructed and painted.
    Thanks for sharing this model with us.The way the German Armed Forces are used with their material + crew by traffic accidents is remarkable. It gives military doctors highly effective trauma experience.
    Also in my personal view, it is well spending of tax money. To my knowledge, it is still in use.
    The Netherlands.

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