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Grandpa´s jeep

November 29, 2016 in Diorama

Been experimenting a bit lately. Being very fond of the classic jeep I got an idea I wanted to realize. As in many countries one can find old military vehicles with an interesting background in Sweden. After many years of doing research and collecting stories I came up with an image in my head of a young man showing his grandpa´s old jeep, the one grandpa bought for good money to use at his farm after the war. After the war many jeeps came on the market for civilian use, often they had dents, cracked lamps and bullet holes. It didn´t matter as they were well maintained and had many miles to go before checking out to the Big Parking lot.The jeep is Tamiya´s, still a favourite of mine. Figures are from Djiti and Royal model, dog is from Tamiya. Colours from Vallejo.

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13 responses to Grandpa´s jeep

  1. Excellent build, real nice concept.

  2. Great looking dio. I like the detail


  3. Interesting concept. Nice compact scene.

  4. Very creative imagination….I like it.

  5. Cool idea and well done as well.

  6. Thanks, Tom and Greg, very kind of you to say so.

  7. Very neat little vignette. I like the way that just the two (three?) well chosen figures and their interaction makes the whole scene come alive. Masterful.

  8. Thanks, Bernd!

    Martin, you make me blush! Thank you. What I realized while finishing the vignette (or is it a diorama?) it does actually work almost equally well watching it from any direction. You may see it on Tuesday if you come to the club meeting.

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