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It’s Scale Modelworld 2016! Follow it all at iModeler

November 11, 2016 in Show Reports

The World’s largest modeling show, IPMS Scale Modelworld in Telford, UK has taken place during the weekend. Watch iModeler for the ongoing updates from the show as it happens..

To browse through *all* our updates, use the following link.

There are exciting rumours prior to the opening:

I’m being told that the competition has attracted more than 1000 entries from across the world, which promises the largest competition since the 2013 IPMS 50th Anniversary event.

Nearly 200 traders will be represented in the trading area, alongside additonal 200 or so Branch and Special Interest Group displays stretching across three large exhibition halls. That should add another 4000 models to the display total, meaning that visitors will be able to marvel at more than 5000 completed examples of the scale modelling hobby at its finest. That indeed promises to be the largest modeling display on the planet.

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3 responses to It’s Scale Modelworld 2016! Follow it all at iModeler

  1. Looking forward to perusing through the various categories such as we all enjoyed last year. From a personal standpoint, I’m fully prepared to be humbled by the talent displayed therein. Bring on the photos, everyone!

  2. Awesome. Thank you. Can’t wait to see each edition. 🙂

  3. Great just great! I will follow! 🙂

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