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Spitfire XIV

November 26, 2016 in Aviation

My next build for Model Airplane International is now complete. This one is a bit different. For some time now I’ve been helping John Mollison with odd bits of research, John runs the old guys and their aeroplanes website ,here:

John interviews old pilots, talking to them about their life, aircraft, flying and combat. He also produces superb colour profiles of the aircraft. Recently he interviewed John Wilkinson, a former Spitfire pilot with 41 Squadron who flew Mk XIVs in Europe in 1944/45. With John M doing the colour profile, I decide to build the new Sword 1:72 kit as John W’s aircraft.

The interview with John Wilkinson is superb, it can be seen here:

Watch it, enjoy it, I did, John wilkinson is a remarkable man. The story of the build and Johns experiences in his Spitfire will appear in MAI in the next few months. High resolution photos appear on my 500px page here:

For those of you who cant wait for the magazine, there are some photos of the build process on my Facebook page here:

Hope you enjoy the photos!

2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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10 responses to Spitfire XIV

  1. Another great looking Spiffire this week.

    Very nice.

  2. Interesting video and equally interesting model. Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad you like the story.

      Models and the Modeling Community are my primary resource for my artwork and have come to be most trusted when it comes to writing and production, too.

      In many ways, “you all” have the greater sense for accuracy. 🙂

  3. Alan –

    You’ve really done a terrific job in honoring John as well as History.

    “Modelers” do the world a great service; the rest of us can examine and grasp the past in ways that make connecting the times easier and more palpable.

    And in John’s words, “I wish I was tiny and I could fly it again!” You’re brilliant… 🙂

  4. Nice work Alan, thoroughly enjoyed the video interview with John Wilkerson

  5. Excellent build Alan. The interview was top notch as well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you for the compliments on the video.

    OGTA is in-debt to Alan for his help and John W. for his story.

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