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Sukhoi Su-25, Zvezda 1/72

November 14, 2016 in Aviation

Ready for inspection.
To be honest, I’m not satisfied. This is one of the worse model that I have made.
Thanks everyone.
Cheers mates!

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10 responses to Sukhoi Su-25, Zvezda 1/72

  1. Nice job and presentation….I like it.

  2. I don’t see much to complain about – it looks very nice to me!

  3. Didn’t know Zvesda did a Su-25 in this scale. By ‘worse’ did you mean the kit didn’t build well, or you hoped for better result? I think it’s a cracking model. The wing shape and span give it a real presence.

  4. Mladen, you did a really good job on this, I wouldn’t think there were any problems, looking at the result. Other than the KP, can’t remember any others of this plane in 72nd. Shame, lots of countries used them.

  5. VERY nicely done! When I was a tanker in the American Army, this was one of the aircraft we worried about! Nice to see one here rather than diving on my tank!

    Great job, Mladen!

    PS – your English is very good, too.

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