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Teutonic Rhino in Norm 81 Scheme

November 7, 2016 in Aviation

Who does not like F-4 Phantoms, so many schemes, clean or dirty a real workhorse. Norm 81 fascinated me since my USAFE days. I used to say they were painted like German WWII Luftwaffe to my co-workers. Needless to say that is how I built my Hasegawa 1/48 F-4F, so many neat schemes but this my favorite. Build WIP added.

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6 responses to Teutonic Rhino in Norm 81 Scheme

  1. Phabulas Phantom, love the scheme, nothing like the sound and smell of J-79’s in the morning,. or anytime.

  2. John I’m suspecting MIG drivers are /were not all that thrilled. You can tell it’s BundesLuftwaffe! Or German,it just looks the part. Like that scheme!

  3. Let me add my compliments to the choice of paint schemes….love those big, ugly Phantoms!

  4. I saw some Bundes Phantoms flying low on the deck over Germany when we were there over there for “Reforger 83”. Awesome sight indeed…………. The thick black twin exhaust trails are committed to my memory too. Your plane captured the “Look” for sure !!! Outstanding !!!!!!!!!

  5. Excellent, you nailed the look of these birds !
    Great paint job !

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