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Under new management.

November 6, 2016 in Armor

As promised back in February 2015, here are some proper photos of my DAK CMP F15 with 20mm FLAK 30.
Kit is from Mirror Models in 1/35 scale.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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15 responses to Under new management.

  1. Nice work, Bernard….never heard of “Mirror Models” (I must be ‘outta the loop’) – what’d ya use for those shell casings?

  2. Bernard: Nice build, that would look very nice desert diorama.

  3. Stunning, the empty shells are really a nice touch.

  4. A very nice looking DAK vehicle. You’ve caught the ‘tired’ look of desert transport.

    Mirror Models (Chinese, I think) have some cracking kits now, mainly support vehicles. Their wreckers are excellent (500+ parts, standard kit). We get them through LZ Models in Ireland.

  5. Magnificent work, Bernard.
    It looks like not the tiniest detail was left to chance.

  6. Fantastic work Bernard. Like everyone else I really like the spent brass casings. Anything that has Afrika Corps paint has my attention!!!

  7. Excellent subject and very professional finish of this “typical” British design.
    The Netherlands.

  8. Great bunch of models you uploaded – excellent weathering and details.

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