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1/48 Bleriot xiii

December 24, 2016 in Aviation

This is a full scratch model of a Greek Bleriot captured from Turkish air force on 1922.I hope you like it.

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12 responses to 1/48 Bleriot xiii

  1. Wow that’s a great looking model. I wish I had the skills to scratch build. Well done.

  2. A delicate touch, almost as fragile as the real aircraft.

  3. Outstanding work. Scratch builders always amaze me with their models.

  4. My Santa’s hat is off to anyone who can scratch build as nice as this (or ANYONE who can scratch build an entire model for that matter) – what’s more, anybody who toils at rigging (especially THAT much rigging), deserves an extra “atta boy” in my book. Very nice work indeed.

  5. Tzig(?) Ziggie, beautiful museum model. That’s where it oughta be. I admire your skill and craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing this with us. Where else would we see a Greek Bleriot?

  6. Wow !!!! This is simply amazing …………………….. I’m speechless. Fantastic work my friend.

  7. Thank you very much for your comments,Ι am glad you like it.

  8. Amazing – incredible skills, and a beautiful model!

  9. Scratch built! ,what’s not to love. great work.

  10. Outstanding! A pleasure to see.

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