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De Havilland DH103 F20 Sea Hornet, A83-1 / TT213, ARDU RAAF Laverton Vic 1948.

December 18, 2016 in Aviation

1/72 Special Hobby, another pair of engines closely followed by an airframe!! the only one to serve with the RAAF for evaluation. I modified a few things, finished in Humbrol and MM enamels with Future over kit and spare decals.

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18 responses to De Havilland DH103 F20 Sea Hornet, A83-1 / TT213, ARDU RAAF Laverton Vic 1948.

  1. Nicely done, Allan….don’t see many of these built. Good work.

  2. What a beautiful, clean build!

  3. Very nice, John. Nice to see a Sea Hornet, still waiting for a decent one in 1/48……

  4. Great job! I’m working now on a Special Hobby Yak-17, and man – those can be challenging kits! That yours ended up looking so well is a testament to your patience and modeling skill!

  5. Allan, great line, pair of engines…. Just a beautiful airframe, and a great job on her! Only one, huh? That jet business, I expect. Damn shame.

  6. Thanks Bernard, Meteors and Vampires were around at that time, the Hornet was returned to the British Air Ministry in late 1950.

  7. It looks very smart in that livery, beautiful finish on the model.

  8. This is a very clean looking build. I really like the finish. It’s hard to get a silver colored airframe to look good. But I will say yours looks spot on !!!!! Excellent work my friend.

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