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F4F Wildcat

December 8, 2016 in Aviation

Whaddya say, gang….time to move on to these now or wait a while?

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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22 responses to F4F Wildcat

  1. I like your collection. The VF-41 version is my favorite. Thanks buddy for sharing. I’ve already posted mine on here. I’m sure that others can follow suit.

  2. Wild cats, I like the stand of the inflight.

  3. The last one is outstanding – kind of understated but looks used and very real!

  4. They, look great, Craig, let’s see how many more iModelers have them.

  5. Nice bunch. Last one looks really good.

  6. Nice Craig. good look group. I’ve got a couple Tamiya kits on the shelf right now asking to be built !

  7. Nice collection Craig, however mine is still in the box.

  8. Nice set! Unfortunately, the only Wildcat I’ve built is one of my first builds after re-entry to the hobby – no putty, probably no sanding, no weathering. I don’t think I’m gonna post that one!

    • If you post yours, I’ll post MY first model built since coming to FL in ’85 (yes, it’s still hanging from the ceiling – droopy wings and laden with dust – a Monogram 48th scale OD B-17G). 🙂

  9. Great builds there Craig!! Love me some F4F’s!

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