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Friday Briefing

December 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Up close and personal.

16 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to Friday Briefing

  1. Always a treat to attend the “Friday Briefing”, Rob….thanks.

  2. My fave-the sniper “rest”. Truly giving all for your country.
    But my bet is it is not popular among the spotters…..

  3. These are great, nap time in an intake. good stuff.

  4. I sent you some “Friday Briefing” info/pics, but the address you provided your ‘private message’ came back as being unable to be delivered. 🙁

  5. That first shot makes me want to move my Typhoon closer to the front of the on-deck stack!

  6. The Typhoon shot is spectacular! I’ve seen video of the Harrier crash (at least I think it’s the same crash) but the photo is much clearer.)

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