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December 12, 2016 in Aviation

Keeping with my oddball schemes. The hardest part about being a brush painter is to try to created a sprayed over look such as on the fuselage band. Almost successful here but I’m happy with it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an photo of this

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9 responses to ITALERI 1/48 MACCHI C.200 NIGHT FIGHTER

  1. So cool, well done. Far from the German squiggle patterns on night fighters.

  2. Looks pretty close the color plate pic to ME… 🙁

  3. Very nice! Never knew they concocted a scheme like this, and I think you pulled it off nicely!

  4. Amazing work…………… You have the night fighter look down to a science. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you very much Gentlemen

  6. George, rare scheme! Lampblack? That must have been a job. Tells you how stretched the Regia Aeronautica was generally.
    Tito Falconi was a aerobatic pilot in the 30s, I remember seeing his photo someplace, in front of a garishly painted stunt plane. Maybe at the Air Races, in Cleveland.

  7. Very subtle finish very well executed.

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