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December 20, 2016 in Ships

A build I finished a couple of weeks ago. Dragon´s German Sturmboot in 1/35. Painted in Vallejo Air and some oils for simulating wood. Weathering done with oils. Added thin wrapping paper around the side bumpers to make them slightly textured. Also glued a few loops on the free boards for the carrying rope.

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20 responses to Sturmboot

  1. I’m sure this is a deceptively simple model, but the detail work, paint work and weathering all make it a stand-out example of your modeling skill! Very nice.

  2. Stellan, I’ve never seen one! Marvelous!

  3. That looks like one heckuva trollin’ motor….lol !

  4. Now that’s unusual. very nice!

  5. Great work!
    Just one little remark: The ropes inside the boat don’t match the rest. They look too new and too stiff for me.

    • Thanks, Hans. I´ll have a look at it. The ropes are the same as on the outside. Tried to bend and wax them etc but I guess they have returned to the original bends. Many ropes are quite stiff at the beginning and I have seen many “unrealistic” ropes on real boats that would make modelers scream. I think ropes were replaced before any important landing or action in order not to jeopardize it by accidents.

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