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The Nursery

December 6, 2016 in Automotive

MiniArt´s MB 170 in 1/35 populated by Tamiya´s chooks. Paint from Vallejo´s Model Air range, weathered with oils. Fiddly model, lots of small parts.

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28 responses to The Nursery

  1. PS know what you mean about Miniart – instructions pristine CAD but you wonder if anyone actually tried to build the kit before releasing it, the tolerances are so keen. Their tram was an exercise in attrition.

  2. Well done….flat tires and all. Where on earth did THAT idea come from? Chickens! Woulda thunk it!? 🙂

    • Thank you, Craig. The idea of making it into a chicken coop? Not sure…it started out as a paint test project and the idea evolved ito something more as I went along. I planned to make a base and a figure for it as well but I will leave it for now.

  3. Out to pasture! Second use as a chicken coop?

  4. Is this your latest build? Haven’t seen it before. Great job as usual.

  5. Well done! I would only say – having been around chickens – that they need a bit more “weathering!” In fact, I have an appointment tomorrow with a chicken processing plant… (not taking anything at all away from the model – it is gorgeous, and the idea with the chickens is great!)

  6. Thanks, Greg, very kind of you. Maybe not weathering but feathering…a bit more shadows would do the trick.

  7. Stellan, I really like it. Nice work, and I actually knew people who had chicken coops like that, so it doesn’t look all that unusual to me !.

  8. Looks great already – placed on a small dio would even top it.

  9. Great idea, Stellan, in fact, an eggxcellent idea!

  10. Excellent build and idea. Love it !

  11. Great idea and superbly executed, Stellan!
    Did you make those flat tires (tyres) yourself or are they aftermarket?

    • Thanks, Anders, appreciate it a lot! After market, me? No. I cut the lower bit off and heated the remaining bit to make it look slightly sagged. The effect should be better looking if slightly hidden in tall grass as I originally intended.

  12. Great build Stellan, I like the idea as well! Nicely executed!

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