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Well 2016 is almost gone so….the 2016 output.

December 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

Wait a minute! 2016 just freakin got here! It’s gone already? Sheesh. I hear that the explanation is at 10 years old, a year is only 1/10 of your life BUT at 61 a year is only a lousy 1/61th of it, therefore they Whoosh by. I do buy that theory BTW.
Anyway this is not a philosophy site it’s a modeling site so here is my intimate gathering of 2016 builds….
HAPPY NEW YEAR to the plastic heads thanks Martin for another great year.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to Well 2016 is almost gone so….the 2016 output.

  1. Thanks, Bill! All very handsome builds

  2. Some great work for 2016 Bill!

  3. Bill, I particularly like the Hawk, though the others are also beautifully done.

  4. Figures to be about one every three months, huh…? Nice work.

  5. Great job Bill !!! Your “Easy 8” looks very convincing. The Hawk is a great one too !!!! Really it’s hard to pick a favorite. They are all very nice.

  6. Looks like a great modelling year ! Congrats !

  7. Productive year Bill they all look great. And yes time speeds up as you age. Seems my dad was right about that little fact as well.

  8. Quality trumps quantity, and you have the quality thing well in hand. Great looking models all. Happy New Year BK!

  9. Thanks all See you next plastic Year.

  10. Hello Bill,
    Excellent job.
    My favorite, the WW 1 tank. Very realistic!
    Regards, Dirk/The Netherlands.

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