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AM 1/48 A-36 Apache

January 28, 2017 in Aviation

First completion of the year, essentially started before the Christmas holiday but just now completed. This is the old Accurate Miniatures kit of the A-36 Apache from which the now defunct company produced various versions of early P-51’s. I did build one several years ago and it truly was a terrible job. My grandson promptly received it as a gift and it crashed after several imaginary missions. Everyone deserves a second chance so here it is again.

I did add an Ultracast seat to the well appointed cockpit, a position light to the top, and nylon threat for antenna. Rather than use the yellow wing decals I opted to paint them instead. The OD and Neutral Grey was from Model Master and Tamiya rattle cans. Now based on the number of missions this A/C flew it should be pretty well worn out. Just didn’t have the heart to dirty or chip her up as I like the way she looks now..Have AM’s P-51C and F-6A in the stash and hope to complete them soon. Really nice little kits and one can find them at shows for quite reasonable prices.

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8 responses to AM 1/48 A-36 Apache

  1. Nice lookin’ build, Tom….I’ve got one of those built and another one in the box. Accurate Miniatures makes (made) a really nice kit.

  2. I agree with Craig. They made some really nice early Mustangs. Some of these AM kits have been re boxed under Academy and Italeri boxes. I have a few more to build. Yours looks great. I had the opportunity to watch the Collings Foundation A-36 take shape during its restoration, and your model captured the “look” very well. I don’t blame you for not wanting to dirty it up. I like it the way it looks now. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Tom, great looking Apache/Invader! I was overjoyed when it came out, ’cause it was a plane I thought I’d never see in ANY version of the Alison Mustangs. AM was a great company, glad to see the molds are being used so folks who came along recently get a chance to add to their collections.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice looking model Tom, clean and sharp.

  5. Very nice! I had this kit, before I got rid of all my 1/48 stuff, so never had a chance to build it. I found a 1/72 kit to replace it but haven’t built it yet. Hope it comes out as nice as yours!

  6. Very nice build Tom. A pity AM is not still doing new kits.

  7. Nice little story with a fine ending.

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