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FF 07 Almirante Lynch Type 23 frigate (1/350 Trumpeter)

January 9, 2017 in Ships

CNS Almirante Lynch Frigate, 1/350 Trumpeter from generic etch Gold Medals Models enlarged and improved set, Gold Medals Models Naval Ship Decals (1/350-1/400), Testors Custom decal System, scratch from Plastruct improvements for Helicopter AS-532SC Cougar, and invisible thead .004 mm nylon, 300 hours Work, 600 part aprox.

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12 responses to FF 07 Almirante Lynch Type 23 frigate (1/350 Trumpeter)

  1. Another great job from your armada.

  2. Apart from another superb ship build, that helicopter came out really nice!

  3. The 1/350 fleet looks really nice! What’s your display solution?

  4. Thanks Maurits……well, for smal destroyers and frigates, display case for trumpeter(big 501 x 149 x 146mm) and the rest in Store window(house version), or shelves, racks, etc.

  5. Anthony, I looked through all your ship postings – great work there! Welcome to the iModeler family – I’m looking forward to your future builds.

  6. All your ship models seem to be built to a consistently high standard, very well done.

  7. Hello Anthony,
    Great looking model. Very special to me is the Naval Cougar.
    Finished to a very high standard overal.
    Look at these models, to extend your Chilean range of naval vessels.
    Regards, Dirk/The Netherlands.

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