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Hue 1968

January 21, 2017 in Diorama

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9 responses to Hue 1968

  1. Ah, FIBUA*- though I’m sure there’s a NEW acronym for it- bad stuff.
    I love the wall and the gate, and the figures poses go with the theme. Now I know why one of the PT events in Basic was the run, dodge, and jump.
    The moment I saw this, the Stones “Street Fighting Man” started to play in my head. Hey, the Sixties never dies!
    For the uninitiated-* Fighting In Built Up Areas.

  2. Nice job….background on the figures?

  3. Craig they are from Hobby Fan


  4. Excellent work !!! The rubble looks very convincing. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Thomas, my uncle and son where in the Marines. I’ve been told once a Marine always a Marine. There are no former Marines…

    Like the diorama’s.

  6. Very realistic, wish I was better at figures.

  7. Stephen They’re right There are no ex-Marines

    Semper Fi


  8. Great job there Tom. Looks good.

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