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IJN I-27 Submarine W/A Target 1942 (1/350 AFV Club)

January 11, 2017 in Ships

IJN I-27 Submarine B1 Class, 1/350 AFV Club with generic etch Gold Medal Models, and some part of veteran models IJN Binoculars set, IJN flag decals of Blue Water Navy, some parts of plastruct improvements, invisible thread .004 mm nylon, 80 hours works…this project lasted almost 3 months.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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18 responses to IJN I-27 Submarine W/A Target 1942 (1/350 AFV Club)

  1. Great looking model. Surprising detail for a sub. Very nice.

  2. Another beauty, Anthony….do you do ships exclusively?

  3. That is one behemoth of a sub!

    Both of your latest posts show more great work.

  4. Super job, on both, nice to see the comparison in size.

  5. Another stunner Anthony. I’ve never built a boat, but promised myself that I will one day attempt an iconic battleship. I think it would be a good idea to build a smaller scale sub first to get some practice in on the technique.
    Great build!

  6. Awesome build the details look amazing, great job on the VIIC type too.

  7. Hello,
    Superb achievement.
    Net and accurate.

  8. Great! I like looking at sub models but have never done any. This must have been a monster at the time! I assume the U-boat in the pictures is the same scale. Well done, Anthony! Great detailing work.
    Thanks for sharing.

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