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IJN Yamato Dec 1944 (1/350 Tamiya old tool)

January 9, 2017 in Ships

IJN Yamato 1/350 Tamiya Old Tool..this project lasted almost 9 months, it has more than 1900+ parts and many photoetch set

2 set IJN rails of the Flyhawk.
1 set IJN ladders of flyhawk.
1 set IJN radial davit and reels of Flyhawk.
1 set IJN cranes of MK-1
1 set IJN catapults of flyhawk.
1 set IJN radars and antennas MK-1.
1 set IJN antiaircraft weapon singles 25mm of flyhawk
1 set IJN 25 mm triple weapon of flyhawk.
2 set IJN antiaircraft weapon type 89 of Veteran models.
1 set IJN binoculars of Veteran Models.
1 set IJN auxiliary boats of Tamiya.
1 set IJN planes service of Hasegawa.
1 set IJN degaussing of Tamiya.
2 set IJN lanterns and searchlight of Fine Molds
1 artwox wooden deck.
1 set IJN decals of Blue Water Navy.
1 set IJN ammunition Box of Alliance Modelworks.
1 set barrels Aber 460mm
1 set barrels Aber 155mm.
Some parts of plastruct, and additional details of Gold Medal Models.

31 additional images. Click to enlarge

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14 responses to IJN Yamato Dec 1944 (1/350 Tamiya old tool)

  1. WOW….I’ll wager all the after market was as much (if not more) than the kit itself. Stellar craftsmanship, my friend.

  2. Nice consistent work again Anthony.
    What material did you use for the white belts that hold the ships boats to the davits? Pic 27.

  3. Anthony, beautiful build, iconic ship.

  4. Mighty battleship; mighty impressive model Anthony! Dude. What a beauty!!

  5. Very nice work Anthony. Good stuff.

  6. Great model of my favourite ship, Anthony!

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