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IJN Yukikaze 1945 (1/350 Hasegawa)

January 9, 2017 in Ships

Detroyer IJN Yukikaze 1945, with generic etched Flyhawk IJN Railings WWII, some part from Lion Roar, Gold Medal Models, MK-1, scratch with Plastruct improvements, binocular set from Veteran Models, Flags from Blue wather Navy, Some parts from Alliance Modelworks and invisible thead .004 mm nylon, 50 hours Work, 350 part aprox.

Reference; Profile Warship 22 Masataka Shihana, Yasuo Abe.

13 additional images. Click to enlarge

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7 responses to IJN Yukikaze 1945 (1/350 Hasegawa)

  1. Another beauty….a true master with these ships.

  2. Good job Anthony!
    I built that kit a few years ago.
    One small point of criticism and a question:
    If you weather the ship, it’s a good idea to weather the propellers too. Propellers are made of bronze or brass and they oxidize very quickly in salt water. A brownish green wash will do the job.
    What material do you use for the white belts, that hold the ships boats?

  3. Excellent like the whole squadron you have presented here.

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