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M-109 S.P. Howitzer,1/48.

January 13, 2017 in Armor

Another attempt at armor, this I’ve had around I don’t know for how long. It’s Aurora’s last issue[1976] of the M109, where they added the long gun option, I added rudimentary recoil spades in the rear, the kit provided one massive unit that covered the rear access door. I used the kit decals , they held up well for being forty years old.

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11 responses to M-109 S.P. Howitzer,1/48.

  1. Great job! cool kit! – I used to have that one back in the day. Glad your 40 year old decals held up…my 20 year old ones didn’t

  2. I did one of those a few years back, but it wasn’t Aurora (I’m sure of it)…don’t remember which manufacturer it WAS, though – oh well. It looks good (especially on that camo pattern). Don’t think I’ve ever seen a saluting figure, either. Cool.

  3. I love those old 1/48 Aurora kits, I built a slew of them when I was a kid. Can’t say I built one of these though. Nicely done!

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice work Robert, I remember the kit very well, I had a few as I purchased some of AURORA,s PREHISTORIC SCENE kit’s ( eventually I purchased the whole line, … actually … my mom did … 🙂 ).

  5. Bob, this is great! I’ve never seen one built before, though I remember seeing them on the shelves when they came out.
    It looks really good, too.
    Love the saluting guy! The OLD Army!

  6. Nice piece of armour there, Robert.

  7. I wouldn’t like to be shot with that! Great bit of work.

  8. Looks great Robert.
    1:48 armor is a perfect match for aircraft guys building in the same scale.

  9. Nice job on an old kit Robert.

  10. Very nice job on an old kit. Might have to shop around for some 1:48 armor.

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