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Maketar Masks

January 17, 2017 in Reviews

These are a few sample mask sets from Maketar. Many different types and scales available. Their website has full details with distributor information. They offer great flexibility of requirements across many subject types.

Thought I’d share the link:

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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8 responses to Maketar Masks

  1. Worth looking into, Rob, as masking has always been my nemesis. Thanks for the link.

  2. Thanks for this posting Rob.
    Just added their site to my list of saves.

  3. I used Maketar’s paint masks for my Corsair projects and they have performed very well.
    The owner of the company Aleksandar Pocuc is a brillant modeller:

  4. I have used their wheel masking set ( above) and been pleased with it – will be trying some of their other stuff in the future

  5. This looks like good stuff. I will definitely give it a try.

  6. Thanks for the head’s up Rob. I’ve ordered the “canopy survival” set and the one for wheel masks. This should be a time saver indeed! 🙂

  7. Hello Rob,
    Thanks for this very useful info.
    Masking is making or breaking your model.
    Regards, Dirk/The Netherlands.

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