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USS Fletcher DD-445 1942 (1/350 Tamiya)

January 11, 2017 in Ships

Destroyer DD-445 Fletcher from Tamiya, with generic etch Flyhawk US Navy WWII railings and inclined ladders, some part for Gold Medal Models( Stokes Litters, Watertight Doors), MK-1 Antennas and radar, Lion Roar vertical ladders, scratch with Plastruct improvements, binocular set for Veteran Models, Flags from Gold Medal Models, and invisible thread .004 mm nylon, 45 hours Work, 300 part aprox.

Reference; US Destroyers in Action, Squadron, vol 1-3.

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12 responses to USS Fletcher DD-445 1942 (1/350 Tamiya)

  1. Another nice touch in this scale.

  2. I agree….I especially like the hull camo.

  3. Hello Anthony,
    This represents the workhorse of the US.Navy very well.
    The clean lines show power and speed. I still prefer this to the new LCS Zumwalt. Whats up next?
    Regards,Dirk/The Netherlands.

  4. This is a fantastic build! As are all the others by the way, just too many to comment on all individually!
    The camo on this is really eye catching, and very well executed.

  5. Excellent build, love the camo.

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