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WW1 Whippet 1:35 Meng

January 9, 2017 in Armor

Had a blast with this kit! Meng kits cover go together beautifully. Despite the unusual design of this tank this kit, like other Meng kits, went together beautifully. Given the subject, I was able to try out a lot of weathering tools, like Vallejo mud spatters, AK filters and washes, and tried Abteilung 502 weathering oils for the first time.

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14 responses to WW1 Whippet 1:35 Meng

  1. The finish, weathering and detail work is outstanding, sir. Very nice build.

  2. Nifty little brute. Great job on the weathering

  3. She certainly looks like she has come straight off the battlefield, great texture with your weathering.

  4. Man! You really nailed this one Dennis! That is just superb work!

  5. Dennis, A real winner !, I’d like to see this on a diorama. Very nice !!

  6. It looks real. That’s the highest compliment I can give! Great job!

  7. You really have done a great and consistent paint-job on this one.
    Hat off

  8. Excellent work! Looks like it belongs in no man’s land…

  9. Amazing weathering, great job!

  10. Amazing love the mud splatters weathering is spot on. Track plates are rusted perfect!

  11. Whippet Good! Great mud job (environmental enhancement).

  12. Simply impressive, Dennis! Great job!

  13. The Meng kits are great aren’t they! But it takes some skill to elevate them to this level!

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