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Yakety Yak.

January 2, 2017 in Aviation

Happy new year all. Hope we all have a safe and happy 2017….. Just completed, 1/48 Eduard Yak-3 flown by Pilot: Maj Gen G.N. Zakharov, 303 IAP April 1944.
Nice build, easy to make. Some say, due to black and photos only, the red/yellow nose was in fact red/grey. I went red/yellow cause it’s more colourful and frankly, hard to know for sure who is right. So for me, a splash of colour looks cool. Hope it’s right.
Thanks all,

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8 responses to Yakety Yak.

  1. Nice job. I like the yellow on the nose too

  2. I agree with Carl. Very nice indeed.

  3. Looks great – and thumbs up to the use of the color! I always like a splash of color to camo’d aircraft to brighten them up.

  4. Neat start to the new year, Paul, and, yeah, that red looks just right.

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